The First Protestant

Written by Gerry Farrell, directed by Prin Duignan, a gripping psychological drama.

The play presents a tense duel between Martin Luther and the shadowy figure of the Analyst, and through it the life and struggles of Luther, the monk who defied the catholic church with such profound repercussions for Christendom.

Finding echoes in current events, Luther’s Europe is one where there is a peasant revolt caused by oppressive economic austerity, a possible banking collapse in Germany, the Europe-wide Union of the holy Roman Empire in danger of fragmentation, the Ottoman Empire threatening the peace of Europe, and the invention of the printing press offering the possibility of free dissemination of information.

Actors Michael Roper and Gerry Farrell give outstanding performances as Luther and the Analyst. The result is “an enlightening thought provoking and enjoyable theatrical experience” Not to be missed!